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The 1966 Can-Am mod for GPL


Following the 1971 Can-Am mod, the 1966 Can-Am mod will be the next released mod for Grand Prix Legends. Initiated by Bob Berman, with help from Shaun Collins, Martin Huiskes, Dan Archey and many others, it will feature cars like the Lola T70 Mk. II Spyder, McLaren M1B and the legendary Chaparral 2E complete with flipper wing. All these cars will have big Chevrolet, Ford and Oldsmobile V8 engines in the back, which with more than 500 BHP will propel the cars towards speeds in excess of 220 MPH.

The mod is expected to be released in the at Christmas 2015. The release date has been postphoned because of new developments in the GPL world. For the first time, you will be able to see the driver's heads move, leaning into the corner, thrown back under acceleration and forward under braking just like in the real world. Credit to this wonderful addition is Lee Bowden. This feature will also be released at the Simracing Mirror Zone to benefit both the original 1967 Formula 1 Grand Prix Legends game, as well as all released mods, like the 1965 Formula 1 season and the 1966 Formula 1 season. It will be activated for these mods by checking a checkbox within the GPL Environment Manager (GEM+ 2).

On top of that, Gianfranco Spinning an Greg Liebzeit have made a tremendous effort to replicate the entire Can-Am field in the championship races as computer opponents for you to race against. Go wheel-to-wheel with John Cannon at St. Jovite, or with Denny Hulme at Stardust, Las Vegas. All computer opponents participate in the same championship races as they have done back in the day.

Thanks to Lee Bowden, further advancements in the tire model have been incorporated in the 1966 Can-Am mod by Richard Cooke and Tommie van Ostade, to allow more grip to be available to you at lower speeds, for better driveability of these big American V8 engined cars.

On top of that, many differently colored cars will be available as an option for the player to drive. For instance, for the McLaren M1B 333 cui. Chevrolet V8 most commonly used by privateers, 9 different options will be available.

Full list of available cars:

Chaparral 2E - Chevrolet 327 V8
Huffaker Genie Mk. 10 - Chevrolet 255 V8
Lola T70 Mk. II - Chevrolet 333 V8
Lola T70 Mk. II - Chevrolet 359 V8
Lola T70 Mk. II - Ford 305 Weslake V8
Lola T70 Mk. II - Ford 427 V8
McLaren M1A (McL-Elva Mk. I) - Oldsmobile 271 V8
McLaren M1B - Chevrolet 333 V8
McLaren M1B - Chevrolet 361 V8
McLaren M1B - Ford 289 Cobra V8

If you wish to contribute to the 1966 Can-Am mod for GPL, send a Personal Message to TvO at the SimRacing Mirror Zone here

Update - 3rd of March 2021:

The mod has been released to the public at:


Can-Am 1966 Can-Am 1966 Can-Am 1966  Can-Am 1966 Can-Am 1966