Welcome to the 1966 F1 Season Mod Website
(Bernd Nowak, 27.05.2006)

Progress everywhere
(Bernd Nowak, 16.08.2006)

Added by Bernd Nowak, 16.10.2007
I have done some more tweaking and do find that now you can a bit easier navigate. The Gallery has been integrated and I'm sure that most will work. If not please contact us.

Added by Bernd Nowak, 13.10.2007
The Mod Team has made a lot of progress over the last year. So I have reprogrammed the website and have redone the Team pages  to reflect this. You can see a lot of screens now which reflects the current status of this great mod. Still I need to find the right CSS for the Team subitems because there's limited space for the teams menue and it's not as good as I like it to have :D
I have changed the menue and title to help you find which menue item you have selected.
Have fun

Added by Bernd Nowak, 16.08.2006
We're working on the mod itself and progress is good. Like the mod itself we try to reflect the current status here so you can see some newer items. A great thank to Paul Skingley for adding some text stuff. But a great thanks to Stefan and Remy for some great screenshots. Newest addition is the Gallery entry where you can see some insim screenshots of the 1966 F1 cars. You might notice that Remy tries to give some tracks a bit of a 1966 atmosphere.

Added by Bernd Nowak, 30.05.2006
I have filled the History page with some info about the 1966 F1 season. If you find some errors or useful information which is missing please feel free to contact me.

Added by Bernd Nowak, 27.05.2006
We're working hard on the mod itself and the presentation of the mod. As my driving time is limited I was asked if I can do the website. I said 'Yes, for sure' but the beginning was very painful and slow.
Big thanks to Bernadette for her help.
Now that the base structure is set i need to fill in the remaining pages. It's a good idea to look around and watch this place as it will be growing over the next weeks.