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TvO Car Updates


Welcome to TvO Car Updates! Here you will find all the updates for the various Grand Prix Legends cars I've created over the years. You can find them in the navigation bar on the left.

If you are new to Grand Prix Legends, or are coming back to it, The Grand Prix Legends Preservation Society (GPLPS) game installer is a must:


After you've installed GPL you can experience all the wonderful modifications the community has made to the game. To organise these modifications, Paul Thurston has developed the Grand Prix Legends Environment Manager 2 Plus (GEM+). It can be found at the following URL:


Thanks to Bernd Nowak for finding a way to keep the GEM+ website up! A mirror site has also been created by Lou Magyar, which can be visited here:


Many thanks to both!

For additional information about installing GPL and it's mods there's Stefan Roess' GPL World: http://www.gplworld.de/en/grand-prix-legends/gpl-easy-installation-guide


Many thanks to John Woods for his help hosting the files.

Brabham BT26a