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The 1966 Canadian-American Challenge Cup  
Grand Prix Legends 1966 Can-Am mod updates


Here you will find addons and updates for the 1966 Can-Am mod for Grand Prix Legends. For the latest updates, visit the 'news' section.

The Canadian American Challenge Cup Series was, in many racing fan's minds, North America's greatest road racing series ever. Can-Am grew from the USRRC for Sports Racing and GT cars formed in 1963 by Tracy Bird, then head of the SCCA, in consultation with Jim Hall of United States Road Racing Championship and Chaparral fame. In 1965, the Canadian Automobile Sports Club (CASC) and the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) along with the race tracks and promoters recognized the fan appeal of unlimited sports racing cars and created the Can-Am series for 1966. The unlimited sports cars six race 1966 Can-Am began in Canada at St. Jovite - Mt. Tremblant circuit and soon raced at Mosport, Watkins Glen, Riverside, Laguna Seca, Mid-Ohio, Road Atlanta, Elkhart Lake and all the great road racing circuits in North America.

Check out the preview movie made by Stefan Roess:

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The story of the 1966 Can-Am mod for Grand Prix Legends

The 1966 Can-Am cars with their big American V8 engines will be a handful no matter how you look at it. For novice players, it is recommended to try out the Novice and Advanced Trainer (NT and AT) cars first. They are the Can-Am cars fitted with a 165 cubic inch V6 engine with 220 BHP (NT) or a 215 cubic inch Rover/Oldsmobile V8 with 295 BHP (AT). GEM+ has an option to race the computer opponents in NT and AT mode too so please don't hesitate to try that out. Tailor made default setups are provided for the NT and AT cars as well as the normal default cars to get you up to speed quickly.

Of the standard cars, The McLaren M1B Ford and McLaren M1A are recommended as beginner cars because of their lower engine power. The Genie has an engine of similar competition level, but it's size makes it more tricky to drive. Of the top cars, the Lola 305 Ford could be the easiest to drive, because of it's forgiving chassis, 5 gears and slightly more manageable engine torque compared to the Chevrolet engines. The 333 cui. Chevrolet V8's have a lot of power and torque, becoming even more pronounced in the 360 cui. stroked versions, which have even more displacement. The Lola's should be slightly more forgiving to drive, especially on the faster tracks. The Chaparral is the fastest of the lot, but it's two-speed gearbox might catch you out, especially in braking for corners.

The 1966 Can-Am mod incorporates a fully historically accurate computer opponent lineup for each of the six championship tracks, plus the non-championship Nassau round, and the USRRC Road America Elkhart Lake round. Decals, colors and drivers themselves change on a round-to-round basis. All of the cars you will be racing against are also available to you as player cars. In total there are over 160 variations of computer opponents.

Online, the car liveries are mixed to provide a colorful field and always an interesting car to race in and against. Each time you race online you will see cars you have never seen before as there are so many, every race full of colour and action.


The Lola Ford 427 and Chaparral 2E have a two-speed gearbox, however four gears will show on your setup screen. The last two gears on these both cars are not used. If you want more gears, chose another car.

The car is heavy, so brake early. You will going faster at the end of the straight and the extra weight means these cars are difficult to stop.

360 cubic inch V8 with lots of torque so look after your tyres.

Field of View (FOV), is set to 78 gpl std but is adjustable in Gem+.
Other mods FOV will not be effected by this and should remain as you left them.